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CITIZENS UNITED MAY BE EFFECTIVELY REVERSED: The 11th Amendment and Anti-Corruption Election Finance Laws


Do not miss this opportunity to have Adam Furgatch on your program to discuss this important legal issue that has far reaching effects. Adam Furgatch, a successful investor/trader and now well known as a blogger as an insightful and humorous voice to important issues such as the 11th Amendment of the US Constitution.

The controversial 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision commonly known as Citizens United may be declared unenforceable and ineffective in the State of Montana and other states, as early as May of this year, after a non-partisan citizens group served a notice on Friday that directly challenges the Supreme Court’s constitutional authority to hear an important Citizens United appeal case scheduled for a preliminary ruling on or after April 28th.

Mr. Furgatch will fill your audiences in on how the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is being petitioned to intervene and to overturn on appeal Montana’s landmark ruling whereby Montana refuses to enforce Citizens United. Montana’s courageous and important stand against Citizens United could be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court (“behind closed doors,” perhaps) in the absence of widespread public attention and political support for this case. If this occurs, Citizens United will be affirmed as “the law of the land.” What exactly are the implications we are facing? 

ADAM FURGATCH, is available for Talk Show interviews on this precedent setting topic. He will inform your audiences on how The Eleventh Amendment Movement (TEAM), a non-partisan political action association based in Hawaii, will make the claim that, according to the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution, the high court has no jurisdictional authority to hear an upcoming case involving Montana and Citizens United.

If it is determined that the Court does not have jurisdiction to accept the Montana case for hearing, then Citizens United’s provisions for unlimited corporate spending in state elections will immediately become unenforceable in Montana and presumably other states. Mr. Furgatch will fully cover the implications of this potential outcome.

In January, Montana’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s right to enforce its own anti-corruption election finance laws, in defiance of the federally mandated Citizens United ruling that allows for unlimited corporate spending in state elections.

In March, a petition was filed that asks the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the Montana case on appeal and to summarily reverse Montana’s ruling. TEAM’s attorneys will submit a full legal argument later in April that will ask the Court to deny the petition and to refuse to hear the case on constitutional grounds.




Mr. Furgatch, a fresh, creative voice in financial and political commentary, has published a copy of the motion and additional background information concerning this legal action on his website: www.AdamFurgatch.com

The Furgatch Motion has been assigned Court Docket #424 in the case of MF Global Holdings Ltd., 11-bk-15059, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

Adam Furgatch, The “Paradise Pundit,” is a successful investor and trader in the stock, commodity, and currency markets. His prior ventures have been in Television Production, Sales and Marketing, and Health Education.

Inspired to bring an insightful and humorous voice to important issues, Adam writes and blogs from his own little corner of Paradise in Hawaii…and encourages everyone to actively choose their own Paradise for themselves.

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