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DIGITAL LYNCH MOB: Twitter ablaze with death threats against George Zimmerman and the Judge who granted Bail


The arrest of George Zimmerman doesn't appear to have satiated the anger of those who want to see their version of justice levied against him. At his bond hearing, a judge set bail for Zimmerman at $150,000. As soon as he was released, that anger re-surfaced with calls for Zimmerman's death. One person even tweeted a call to kill the judge. The tweet was re-tweeted several times.

Many believe that the mob mentality that reared its head in the blogosphere after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin helped to put pressure on state officials to arrest George Zimmerman. If the thinking was that such an arrest might quiet the mob, it appears to be a bit misguided in light of a judge's ruling to grant Zimmerman bail.

Marie Dubuque, an expert on internet ettiquette is not surprised that the mob mentality is back. “Regardless of what people think about what happened the night of Trayvon Martin's death,” she says, “the behavior of those who participated in and contributed to exacerbating a racially charged situation had their behavior rewarded. When bad behavior is rewarded, it is repeated.”

Dubuque explains that forces were at work in the media that helped to gin up anger at the fact that Zimmerman was not arrested after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The issue of whether the decision not to arrest Zimmerman was a bad one is a separate argument according to Dubuque. “The point is that those who used the language of a lynch mob saw Zimmerman's arrest as being a direct result of their efforts.”

Dubuque concedes that the hateful words flying through the internet over the release of Zimmerman on bail far exceed being merely a lack of etiquette but sees it as a case study that backs up her views. “The point,” says Dubuque, “is that whether we're talking about poor etiquette or hateful language, it never ends well.”

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Certified as a life coach and the author of seven books, Marie Dubuque is your etiquette/social interaction expert. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri, happily married for 17 years, and loves to write and speak about dealing with “life’s tricky situations.” She also is a unique specialist with regard to examining “rudeness in the digital age.”

Ms. Dubuque has recently launched a syndicated radio feature that airs on stations all across the country and has written articles for more than 100 publications.

For a wide and diverse sampling of Ms. Dubuque’s etiquette advice, visit her YouTube page at: http://www.youtube.com/MannersByMarie

Or, follow her on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/mariedubuque

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