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DEAD PASTOR WALKING: Iran Rules Christian Nadarkhani to Be Executed


After ongoing judicial deferments inside Iran and a steady stream of other world-tilting events outside, the hot international story of Iranian Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani had cooled for a few months.

But, now, it’s back on the front burner again, as the Ayatollah and the state courts ruled last week that the original capital punishment sentence brought to bear on the pastor for apostasy would, indeed, stand.

Available for interviews to break down the sharia law context around this case is a most unexpected individual.

IQ al-Rassooli is an Iraqi-born religious scholar and Middle East affairs analyst on a crusade to warn the West about the intolerant and inherently violent orthodoxy of Islam. His interviews offer a unique, impassioned insight from someone who has lived in and closely studied both Muslim and Western societies.

Of this disturbing verdict, whether a political bluff or not, al-Rassooli says:

“It is imperative that (Americans) understand how sharia is hatemongering, warmongering, misogynist, racist, vile and, hence, ungodly. Muhammadan Islam is not a religion. ‘Islam’ is a cult belief system that should not be respected by anyone.

Sharia is against every single human being who is not a follower of Muhammad! It should be publicly condemned by every politician and human rights activist on the planet.

And our leaders should hold those responsible for executing the pastor—if and when it happens—as war criminals under international law.”

See the underbelly of Islam like never before, and get the straight talk on how misguided the Obama administration is in its outreach to the Muslim world. Call Special Guests now to book the highly outspoken IQ al-Rassooli.




1. What do you know about the executions that are on the rise in Iran right now? Why is that?
2. Do you think Pastor Nadarkhani would be dead already if not for the international backlash? Why do you think he is really being put to death? Is it just sharia law being sharia law, or is he being used?
3. What do you think about those analysts who believe the Iranians intend to use a death-row Nadarkhani as a bargaining chip in this bubbling nuclear standoff?
4. Why do you think 2012 is shaping up to be a tumultuous year, and possibly a powder keg for major conflict in the world?
5. Do you think Israel can count on the United States? Will it attack Iran to stop the development of a nuclear weapon?
6. Can you predict a likely chain of events leading up to a major war in the region?
7. The Muslim Brotherhood claims it will be a moderate political force in Egypt. Do you believe that? Why or why not?
8. Let’s get inside the mind of Muslims. Does the word Islam mean peace?
9. Is Allah the same as the God of Moses and Jesus?
10. Does Jihad represent a spiritual struggle to better one’s self as the Muhammadans tell us?
11. Who according to the Arabic of the Quran is a Muslim?
12. Is Islam a religion or a cult?
13. Why do you use the terms Muhammadans and Muhammadan Islam?
14. Should one call Muhammad a Paedophile?
15. Who are “radical” Muslims?
16. Is it true that more than 100 of the most important words in Muhammad’s Quran are NOT Arabic? Can you give examples?
17. Why do the Muhammadans claim that Jerusalem is holy to them?
18. There are very noble and conciliatory verses in the Quran and others that are the opposite, which is extremely confusing for those who have not studied the subject. Can you explain?
19. What is the real status of women in Islam?
20. What should we understand by the term Islamophobia?
21. Was Muhammad a prophet?
22. Is it true that the HIJAB is mandated in the Quran for the female believers?
23. Who are the Unbelievers & Disbelievers according to the Quran?
24. What was the role of Islam in the tragedy of African Slavery?
25. What are Abrogating and Abrogated verses?
26. What was the Islamic Civilization that we read and hear about
27. What was the Ka’ba? Who built it?
28. What is the Black Stone?


I was born in Iraq. My mother tongue is Arabic. I was sent by my parents to study engineering in England.

After graduating university, I decided to stay because I found out that the programming that I had at home about other people was one-sided and wrong.

Because of the intractable turmoil of the Middle East, I took it upon myself to study the subject matters as thoroughly as humanly possible.

I spent almost 23 years –off and on – researching, analyzing, comparing and contrasting as many points of view as possible hence had to learn a lot about Muhammad, the Quran, Hadiths, Arab and Islamic histories, Arab / Israeli conflict, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, Zoroasterian religion & Pagan Arabian religion.

For the next three years I put my thoughts in a thesis that no publisher wanted to touch because it was so radical and revolutionary.

I hence had a website created www.inthenameofallah.org and put—so far, more than 780 chapters—covering almost every facet of Muhammad’s depraved cult belief system.

I also put up more than 280 video/audio chapters on YouTube that received over 590,000 visitors and 2,976 subscribers in two years before the Muhammadans flagged them and You Tube—breaking their own guidelines—terminated all of them in an instant.

Luckily I had all of them as a backup on my blog: www.the-koran.blogspot.com

I have also started what I hope will be one of the largest movements called Ummat al Kuffar (Nation of Infidels) comprising 80 percent of humanity who are the would be victims of the followers of Muhammad:

All Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroasterians, Jews, Atheists, Animists, Agnostics, pagans etc. All those who do not believe as the Muslims do.

My credentials are embedded in all of the above.

My mission is simple: The complete exposure of the obscene facts and reality of what the media call ‘Islam’ based entirely on the very Arabic sources themselves.

© 2012 Special Guests, Inc.


To schedule an interview with IQ AL-RASSOOLI, call: 630-848-0750 or fill out the Do-It-Yourself Booking Form.
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