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UPDATED: 9/11 MOSQUE IMAM BOASTS, Quote: 'Obama's historic speech in Egypt came from me'


SPECIALGUESTS.COM (August 24, 2010)-- Walid Shoebat a former Islamic terrorist, whose mother tongue is Arabic as well as understanding the mindset of people from the Middle East has been doing extensive research in the Arabic speaking media on what Imam Rauf has been saying and writing in the Arabic.

Wallid Shoebat states “Americans need to understand the level of deception and lies as well as the ends that Muslim clergy like Imam Rauf will go to advance their agenda of advancing Sharia law and Islamic domination in America”

In previous reports researched by the Walid Shoebat Foundation, it was revealed that Imam Rauf has made statements in the Arabic language - while appearing on Arabic media outlets - that completely contradict his somewhat moderate tone when speaking English, exposing him as a direct supporter of terrorism, both financially and verbally.

So who really was speaking on that historic day of June 4th 2009 in Egypt? President Obama or the Imam of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf?

The Shoebat Foundation has obtained a shocking audio recording of Rauf's own voice boasting in Arabic that Obama’s historic speech in Cairo was provided by the Imam's work with the Cordova Initiative in what the Imam called “The Blue Print” which, according to him, was the solution to the Islamic-American divide. Rauf claimed that Chapter 6 of the Imam’s work engineered by the Cordova Initiative was the construct for the entire speech.

Read more: Link to additional text plus link to Imam Rauf's audio admission


Atlas Shruggs/Pam Geller at: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/08/explosive-in-faisals-own-words.html

Gateway Pundit: http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/08/radical-ground-zero-mosque-imam-obamas-cairo-speech-to-muslim-world-came-from-me/

Jihad Watch: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2010/08/ground-zero-mega-mosque-imam-rauf-boasts-that-he-wrote-obamas-june-2009-cairo-speech.html


Walid is the author of several bestselling books including “Why I Left Jihad,” “Why We Want To Kill You” and “God’s War on Terror.” Walid latest book is For God or For Tyranny. Walid is an American citizen and lives in the USA with his wife and children, under this assumed name. Walid has spoken all over America and the world including Chile, Mexico, Canada, UK, and South Africa. He has appeared on national television also all over the world including CNN, CNN International, FOX News, ITN, RTE, NBC, CBS, The 700, ABC and ABC Australia. He has also been featured on BBC radio 4, 5 and the largest radio audience on the BBC World Service reaching 180 million people.

Walid has the unique insight so as people can now fully understand the issue of terrorism from the perspective of someone who was once a terrorist. Walid Shoebat has given lectures at Harvard Law School and Columbia University, and has also spoken at Oxford University UK, National Constitution Center, Capitol Hill, UCLA, USC, University of Georgia, Washington University, Penn State, and San Diego State University.

Walid Shoebat a former terrorist now an advocate for the U.S. and exposes Jihadist political agenda will be available for media interviews.


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