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U.S. "RECOVERY" BUILT ON FALSE PREMISE: Hyperinflation, not Deflation (guest in Pacific Time)


Author, commentator and Chairman of Swiss America Craig R. Smith says investors must not be hypnotized by the fake "recovery". Political talk is cheap. Believing it can be fatally expensive!

Available to be your Talk Show interview guest, Mr. Smith says, "The world economic system has been on life support provided by trillions of freshly printed currencies worldwide. But the small increases in U.S. GDP and stock market rebound are will prove to be short-lived. You can't remedy the damage done by massive printing of worthless paper currency by printing more. We could easily be headed for a hyper-inflationary depression. This explains why gold is reacting as the world's safe haven, offering investors protection against every possible economic outcome."

During your interview, Craig explains that major financial analysts have slashed GDP projections for 2010 to between 1.5% to 2%. Free-spending politicians and their media allies tell us the economy is recovering, but unemployment is stuck near 10%, and underemployment has just topped 20%. Our national debt is growing by $100,000 every three seconds, and politicians have us on track to a once-unimaginable debt that could exceed $24 Trillion dollars within ten years.

The economic news is shifting from bad to worse quickly. Hopes of a U.S. housing bottom or recovery have been dashed as the realities of failed government economic policies become clearer daily. Here are a few recent headlines ...

"Housing weakness stalling economic recovery": "New U.S. single-family home sales unexpectedly fell in July to set their slowest pace on record, government data showed on Wednesday. Sales dropped 12.4%, the lowest since the series started in 1963. Meanwhile, sales of existing homes dropped 27% in July to their slowest pace in 15 years," reports Reuters.

"Positive gross domestic product readings and other mildly hopeful signs are masking an ugly truth: The US economy is in a 1930s-style Depression," Gluskin Sheff economist David Rosenberg told CNBC on Tuesday.

"The 1929-33 recession saw six quarterly bounces in GDP with an average gain of 8 percent, sending the stock market to a 50 percent rally in early 1930 as investors thought the worst had passed.

"False premise," Rosenberg said. "And guess what? We may well be reliving history here. If you're keeping score, we have recorded four quarterly advances in real GDP, and the average is only 3%."

"U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It? -- "Let's get real. The U.S. is bankrupt. Neither spending more nor taxing less will help the country pay its bills. Based on the CBO's data, I calculate a fiscal gap of $202 trillion, which is more than 15 times the official debt. The IMF has effectively pronounced the U.S. bankrupt," reports Bloomberg News.

According to Smith: "With this government spending and stimulus will come higher taxes and a higher cost of living in 2011. Government-induced monetary inflation will, like locusts, reduce the value of our life-savings dollars to mere pennies ... unless we convert our dollars now into something that political fakery can't destroy."

"Smart money has snapped out of the political trance and begun exchanging paper dollars for gold, the world's ultimate inflation-proof money!" says Craig. Other experts agree.

"Gold is operating on its own particular set of global supply and demand curves and should be an out-performer, especially when the next down-leg in the U.S. dollar occurs," writes economist David Rosenberg to Gluskin Sheff clients.

"Gold is a currency whose daily price is a gauge of the market's concern about the potential diminishment of the purchasing power of the dollar and other paper currencies," says Paul Brodsky, a principal at New York's QB Asset Management to The Wall Street Journal.

"An analysis of our current economic and financial environment indicates that the ongoing increase in precious metals has only just begun and should ensure a sustainably positive environment for gold and silver...in the years to come," writes Ronald-Peter Stöferle, CMT, Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna, Austria.

This summer growing stock market volatility and government distrust has prompted big investors to go for gold, sending the price of the yellow metal surging to a 2010 high!
The big boys know where to go for safety – gold, real and reliable, not like the so-called “recovery” the politicians and their media allies claim is happening.

Whether the economy is in for a double-dip, a depression, 1970s-style stagflation or full blown hyper-inflation, the destiny of the dollar is sealed by the stimulating kiss of the Federal Reserve and BIG government spending.

Smith concludes, "For all those who believe the worst of the financial crisis is behind us and all is well, I wish they were right. But when the next crisis comes, will you be prepared? Or will you be a day or two late? When inflation and the debasing of currencies hits, $1,200/oz. gold will look like a bargain."

Now is the time to really understand gold, the best investment of the century. Allow me to share with you over three decades of experience in the gold and coin markets. Mr. Smith shares over three decades of experience in the gold markets in his “Gold Rush 2010” kit, which includes a DVD, CD, newsletter and “Gold’s Future Bright” Special Report. (Offer page) https://secure.swissamerica.com/offer/fakerecovery.php


As a guest on your show, Craig Smith would like to make available to your audience a FREE Swiss America special report that discusses the issues of privacy in more detail entitled, "THE RIGHT TO OWN GOLD":


Or your listeners may receive the free gold report by calling 800-289-2646.


Craig R. Smith is an author, commentator and popular media guest because he instantly engages audiences with his common-sense analyses of local, national and global trends.

Serving as CEO of Swiss America for over 25 years, Craig understands that Americans want solid answers to the tough questions and that real leadership begins with servanthood.

Craig is the author Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil, which he co-authored with author Dr. Jerome R. Corsi.

Sample TV interviews conducted by Craig R. Smith may be viewed at:


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